Glenn Beck compares Obama to apes

Fox News host Glenn Beck very often criticizes President Obama and his agenda. While his remarks most of the time just are a lot of rant, he went too far this time. On his very own show on Fox News he compared the America with Obama as president to the “damn planet of the apes”.

Just think about this for a bit, Beck wonders if he happened to be in an alternate universe similar to the one in the science fiction movie Planet of the Apes, in which the World is ruled by apes. This means he directly puts President Obama and America in comparison to a country lead by an ape.
I cannot think of anything more racist, but watch the video for yourself.

There might be some who will argue that he did not mean it that way.
But if he did not, why would he say this in the first place? He did not just get in front of the cameras without a clue what to say, these words were carefully chosen to suit a certain purpose.
To those who still think this remark was not racist at all, you probably also think this picture is not racist…

  • Rat Masterson

    HORRIBLE! What an insult to Apes!