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Image by André Frischat.

Does the government have an obligation to talk to the press?

Below is a video of Obama’s Press Secretary Jay Carney repeatedly suppressing attempts by Fox News’s White House correspondent Ed Henry to ask a question, which resulted in him leaving the press room. Do you believe it is justified to ignore reporters who might ask difficult questions, the administration might not want to answer?

House conservatives lash out at moderate Republicans

A lot of blame is going around in Washington after Congress passed a deal that reopened the federal government and increase the statutory debt limit for several months. Senate Republicans quickly accused the Republican conference in the House of Representatives for their behavior, while conservatives in the House blamed their moderate colleagues for eroding Speaker…

Does the debt limit make default inevitable?

On October 1st Secretary Lew wrote in a letter to Speaker Boehner, reminding that the Treasury Department would no longer be able to fund the Federal Government, come October 17. The statutory debt limit, commonly referred to as the debt ceiling, has been reached in May of this year, forcing the Treasury to exert extraordinary…