Governor Walker Screws Wisconsin’s Working Class

In an undemocratic scheme, Wisconsin Republican Senators voted on eliminating collective bargaining rights from public employees, in absence of the 14 Democratic State Senators who still hide out in Illinois.

The 14 Democrats left Wisconsin to prevent the Senate from voting on the controversial budget Governor Walker proposed. While the bill sparked massive protests in Madison, Wisconsin, because it would strip public unions from their right of collective bargaining, Walker always defended it as essential for a balanced budget. He tried to convince the public, that it was not an attack on public unions, but a step towards a matter of fiscal responsibility.

Many people suspected this to be just an attempt to sweet-talk the public into accepting the bill, yet now we know that this was not the case.
Senate Republicans had to think of a way to circumvent the required quorum, so they split up the bill. They basically voted on a bill with the intent of rendering public unions useless.

It seems that they were so desperate that they did not even try to cover this up. The bill is just intended to alter the political landscape and does in no way represent the will of the people.

Republicans all over the country have to be very careful on how they behave prior to 2012.
There will most definitely be various attempts to recall Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin and taken in consideration how unpopular this bill is, some recall-measures could very well succeed.

  • Dan Anthony

    I found you on blogfarm. While I am not fair, (I’m very conservative) I do enjoy dialog from all spectrums, so I have followed you.

    Here’s my take on WI and NPR.

  • John Liming783

    This kind of thing is not just happening in Wisconsin. It is happening in Ohio, Michigan and at least 18 other states with GOP-lead majorities. I think it is part of the extreme Right Wing’s plan to re-write the Social Compact to America and bring Her into a permanent one party system that founds on regressive policies and a Theocratic base. The things that these rogues are doing are definitely not The America I grew up with where there is Liberty and Justice for all. In this new vision of America, I believe there will be a division between “Real” America (Wealthy America) and the rest of us who are, somehow, un-American because we don’t share their viewpoint. It is dangerous!