• http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Anthony/100001229835762 Dan Anthony

    I found you on blogfarm. While I am not fair, (I’m very conservative) I do enjoy dialog from all spectrums, so I have followed you.

    Here’s my take on WI and NPR.

  • John Liming783

    This kind of thing is not just happening in Wisconsin. It is happening in Ohio, Michigan and at least 18 other states with GOP-lead majorities. I think it is part of the extreme Right Wing’s plan to re-write the Social Compact to America and bring Her into a permanent one party system that founds on regressive policies and a Theocratic base. The things that these rogues are doing are definitely not The America I grew up with where there is Liberty and Justice for all. In this new vision of America, I believe there will be a division between “Real” America (Wealthy America) and the rest of us who are, somehow, un-American because we don’t share their viewpoint. It is dangerous!